Dottie West not only dazzled audiences on stage during her live shows, she also dazzled television viewers with her many memorably appearances. Here you will find an extensive, though incomplete list of Dottie’s TV appearances plus the song(s) she sang during that appearance and photos.

Use the tabs to navigate Dottie’s television appearances per decade. (Please allow time for the many graphics on this page to load).



Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry
November 20, 1961

Description: Dottie performs “I Should Start Running”, “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone” and a duet with Carl Butler on “For The Last Time in a Long Time.”

Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry
December 27, 1961

Description: Dottie performs “Men with Evil Hearts” and a duet with Bobby Lord on “Why I’m Walking.”

Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry
October 3, 1962

Description: Dottie performs “I’ll Pick Up My Heart and Go Home” and “Silver Threads And Golden Needles.”

Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry
February 25, 1963

Description: Dottie performs “Touch Me” and “He Called Me Baby.”

The Jimmy Dean Show
January 14, 1966

Description: Dottie performs “Here Comes My Baby” and “No Sign Of Living.”

National Life Grand Ole Opry
May 13, 1966

Description: Dottie performs “Here Comes My Baby” and “Jambalya.”

The Wilburn Brothers Show
November 19, 1966

Description: Dottie performs “Here Comes My Baby” and “Paper Mansions.”

The Bobby Lord Show
May 1, 1967

Description: Dottie performs “Paper Mansions” and a song from her gospel album, “I’m Grateful.”

National Life Grand Ole Opry
July 14, 1967

Description: Dottie performs “Everything’s A Wreck” and “Paper Mansions.”

National Life Grand Ole Opry
September 22, 1967

Description: Dottie performs “Like a Fool” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

National Life Grand Ole Opry Christmas
8 December, 1967

Description: Dottie performs “Childhood Places,” and then she is joined by her five year old son Dale West, and together (after Dale attempts to tell a story) they sing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and then Dottie and George Morgan sing a duet of “Silent Night”.

The Bill Anderson Show

Description: Dottie performs “Someone’s Gotta Cry”and “Here Comes My Baby” and joins the host Bill for a brief interview.

The Wilburn Brothers Show
February 3, 1968

Description: Dottie performs “Cryin'”, “Country Girl” and joins in singing with Doyle, Teddy and Loretta on the gospel song “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.”

Billy Walker’s Country Carnival

Description: Dottie sings “Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings,” and “Love Is No Excuise” with Billy Walker and teams up for another duet on “Rings of Gold” with her guitar player Ray Wix.

Hee Haw
December, 31 1969

Description: Dottie sings “Clinging To My Baby’s Hand” and “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”.


That Good Ole Nashville Music

Description: Dottie performs “Put Your Hand In The Hand” and then sings a duet with Nat Stuckey on “Sweet Thang.”

Jim Ed Brown’s 60 Special Mintutes

Description: Dottie performs “Here Comes My Baby”, “Long Black Limousine” and a duet of “Love Is No Excuise” and “Sweet Memories” with Jim Ed Brown.

That Good Ole Nashville Music
February 4, 1970

Description: Dottie performs “Country Girl” and “Reno”.

Hee Haw
March 11, 1970

Description: Dottie performs “Paper Mansions”.

Academy of Country Music Awards
March 13, 1972

Description: Dottie announce’s nominees for the “Female Vocalist” award.

Country Music Association Awards
October 16, 1972

Description: Dottie, Lynn Anderson, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn perform medley of “Country Girl,” “Listen to a Country Song,” “My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy,” “Reach Out Your Hand” and “You’re Lookin’ At Country.”

Dean Martin Country Special
September 30, 1973

Description: Dottie performs “I’m Your Country Girl” on Johnny Cash’s farm.

Hee Haw
October 20, 1973

Description: Dottie performs “Country Sunshine” and “Just What I’ve Been Looking For”.

Country Music Hit Parade
February 4, 1974

Description: Dottie performs a medley of her hits, “Paper Mansions”, “Country Girl” and “Country Sunshine.”

That Good Ole Nashville Music

Description: Dottie performs “Country Sunshine”, “Last Time I Saw Him and “House Of Love.”

Pop Goes The Country
January, 1975

Description: Dottie has a little fun with host Ralph Emery pretending to be hoarse; launching into “Country Sunshine.” She later sing’s “House of Love” and “Last Time I Saw Him.”

The Ronnie Prophet Show
August 27, 1975

Description: Dottie performs “Last Time I Saw Him” and “Here Comes My Baby.”

That Good Ole Nashville Music

Description: Dottie sing’s a duet with Steve Wariner on “Rings of Gold.”

Hill Country Sounds
February 2, 1976

Description: Bill Anderson narrates and hosts this hour long PBS documentary about the music and history of Country Music. Clips are shown of Dottie performing, “I Believe in the Sunshine”, “Lay Back Lover”, “Look Up America”, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, “Last Time I Saw Him” and “Country Girl” at the Grand Ole Opry.

The Porter Wagoner Show
November 13, 1976

Description: Dottie performs “Country Sunshine” and “Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye”.

Marty Robbins Spotlight

Description:An episode devoted entirely to Dottie. Chet Atkins and Jeannie Seely also appear on the show talking with Dottie and telling their favourite West stories. Dottie performs, “Country Sunshine” and “Every Word I Write.” Later, she and Marty Robbins sing a medley: “Would You Hold It Against Me,” “Here Comes My Baby” and”Last Time I Saw Him.”

Pop Goes The Country
January 15, 1977

Description: Dottie performs “When It’s Just You And Me.”

That Nashville Sound
July 14, 1977

Description: Dottie hosts the show and performs three songs “When it’s Just You And Me”, her daughter Shelly is singing back up;  “Every Word I Write” and “Sweet Memories” with Don Gibson.

Pop Goes The Country
September 3, 1977

Description:Dottie sing’s “Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye” and “Every Word I Write”. Dottie joins Ralp Emery for an interview, where she admits to being a big fan of George Jones and and talks about autographs.

Nashville Remembers Elvis on his Birthday
January, 1978

Description: Dottie performs “American Trilogy” and briefly talks about her first encounter with Elvis.

The World’s Largest Indoor Country Music Show
April 5, 1978

Description: Dottie and Kenny Roger’s host this special concert at the Pontiac Silverdome Stadium in Pontiac, Michigan. Dottie performs “Listen To A Country Song,” “Country Sunshine,” “Every Word I Write”, “Here Comes My Baby.” She is then joined by Kenny, and together they sing “Every Time Two Fools Collide” and “Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight.” Dottie then closes her segment with “American Trilogy.”

50 Years Of Country Music
May, 1978

Description:This NBC special filmed at the Grand Ole Opry house; Dottie performs a medley of her hits, “Country Girl,” “Here Comes My Baby” and “Country Sunshine.”

Music City News Awards
June 6, 1978

Description: Dottie and Don Williams presents award for “Musician of the Year” to Roy Clark.

Country Music Association Awards
October 9, 1978

Description: Dottie and Kenny perform “Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight” and later wins the “Vocal Duo of the Year” award.

The Mike Douglas Show

Description:Dottie performs “Pick Me Up And Put Me Down” and “We’ve Got Tonight.”

Grammy Awards
February 15, 1979

Description:Dottie and Kenny perform “Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight.”

A Special Kenny Rogers
April 12, 1979

Description:Dottie performs three songs with Kenny, taped at the Grand Ole Opry; “Every Time Two Fools Collide,” “Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight” and “All I Ever Need Is You.”

Academy of Country Music Awards
May 2, 1979

Description:Dottie and Kenny perform “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies To Be Cowboys,” as well as receive nominations for “Album of the Year” and “Vocal Group of the Year.”

Music City News Country Awards
June 4, 1979

Description:Dottie and Kenny win the “Vocal Duo of the Year” award. They accept their award live via satellite from Las Vegas.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
September 10, 1979

Description: With Kenny Rogers hosting the show, they sing “Til I Can Make It On My Own” for the first time on TV. Dottie also sits down for a chat with Kenny.

An Explosion Of Country Music
October 1979

Description: A special concert staged at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., with the president Jimmy Carter in attendance; features performances by many of the top country singers. Dottie sing’s a medley of “Country Girl,” “Here Comes My Baby” and “Country Sunshine.”

Country Music Association Awards
October 8, 1979

Description: Dottie and Kenny Rogers win the “Vocal Duo of the Year” award.

Skinflint: A Country Christmas Carol
December 18, 1979

Description:Dottie has brief scenes in the all-star Nashville cast, country version of A Christmas Carol. Dottie plays Annabelle Williams, who enters a songwriting contest for the $2.000 prize money courtesy from the Flin City Bank, where she works. Dottie sing’s “Put The Roses Back Into My Cheeks Again” and wins.


Special Delivery

Description: Dottie’s first televised Showtime Concert, filmed at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dottie performs, “I’m Alive Again,” “Country Sunshine,” “Pick Me Up And Put Me Down,” “We’ve Got Tonight,” “Leavin’s For Unbelievers,” “A Lesson in Leavin’,” “Rocky Mountain Music,” “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.” Kenny then comes out and they sing “All I Ever Need Is You” and “”Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight.” Dottie closes the show with “American Trilogy.”

American Music Awards
January 18, 1980

Description: Dottie and husband Byron present “Favorite Country Single” award, and accepts award on behalf of Barbara Mandrell. Dottie performs “A Lesson In Leavin’.”

Pop Goes The Country
February 16, 1980

Description:Dottie chats with Ralph Emery and performs a duet with B.J. Thomas on “Hey Good Lookin’.” Dottie also performs “Pick Me Up And Put Me Down” and “A Lesson In Leavin’.”

Grammy Awards
February 27, 1980

Description: Dottie and Kenny present an award.

Country Music Association Awards
October 13, 1980

Description: Dottie and Lacy J. Dalton present award for “Vocal Group of the Year” to The Statler Brothers.

Sha Na Na
October 17, 1980

Description: Dottie performs “Up So High” from her Special Delivery album..

The Dukes of Hazzard
February 20, 1981

Description: Dottie performs “Even If you Were Jesse James” at the Boar’s Nest.

Solid Gold
February 28, 1981

Description: Dottie co-host the show with Dionne Warwick. She performs “Are You Happy Baby” and teams with Dionne for a duet of “9 to 5”.

Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters
April 4, 1981

Description: Dottie performs “Please Remember Me,” from her Wild West album. Later in the program she joins the Mandrell sisters on “Tonight You Belong To Me”,” and for a gospel inspired medley.

Country Music Association Awards
October 12, 1981

Description: Dottie and Charlie Daniels present award for “Album of the Year”. Later, Dottie accepts “Vocal Duo of the Year” award on behalf of David Frizzell and Shelly West.

Country Music: A Family Affair
November 21, 1981

Description: Dottie performs “A Lesson In Leavin'” and “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.”

A Country Christmas
December 9, 1981

Description: Filmed from Lake Tahoe, Dottie, her daughter Shelly West and singing partner David Frizell, Roy Clark, Jerry Reed, Charley Pride, John Schneider appear plus Minnie Pearl. Dottie performs “Holly Ridge Road” and a duet with John Schneider.

Miller & Company
December 29, 1981

Description: Dottie and Shelly give an in depth interview talking about many subjects.

Solid Gold
February, 27 1982

Description: Dottie co-host with Mickey Gilley and Conway Twitty. Dottie receives a standing ovation from the audience when she sings “American Trilogy.” She is also surprised when she is shown her granddaughter Tess for the first time.

Academy of Country Music Awards
April 29, 1982

Description: Dottie co-host with Mickey Gilley and Conway Twitty. Dottie receives a standing ovation from the audience when she sings “American Trilogy.” She is also surprised when she is shown her granddaughter Tess for the first time.

25 Years of Jerry Lee Lewis: A Celebration
May 9, 1982

Description: Dottie being the only female guest on this special filmed at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center; she performs “You’re Not Easy To Forget” and joins Jerry Lee Lewis for the flirtatious duet “Sweet Thang.” She and Carl Perkins join the rest of the cast at the end on “I’ll Fly Away.”

Full Circle
August, 1982

Description: Dottie’s second and final televised Showtime Concert, filmed at the Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, Canada. Dottie’s special guest are her daughter Shelly and her singing partner David Frizzell, and Larry Gatlin and the Gatllin Brothers. Dottie performs “It’s High Time,” “Love Cruise,” “A Lesson In Leavin’,” “Lover To Lover,” “You’re Not Easy To Forget,” “She Can’t Get My Love Off The Bed,” “Bitter They Are-Harder They Fall” and “You Needed Me.”

Solid Gold
September 1, 1982

Description:Dottie performs “High Times.”

Country Music Association Awards
October 11, 1982

Description: Dottie and George Jones present “Vocal Group of the Year” award to Alabama.

A Tribute to Ernest Tubb: An American Orginal
October 29 1982

Description: Dottie performs “You’re Not Easy to Forget” and “Here Comes My Baby.”

American Music Awards
January 17, 1983

Description: During a special tribute to Kenny Rogers, he is honored by several of his friends including Dottie.

Entertainment Tonight
January 26, 1983

Description: Dottie is interviewed about her appearance in Qui magazine at her mansion.

The Love Boat
April 30, 1983

Description: Dottie plays herself and has brief scenes throughout the episode. Dottie performs “Rocky Top” with Tanya Tucker.

Hee Haw
May 5, 1983

Description: Dottie performs “Then You Smiled At Me” and later a duet with John Schneider on “Lover to Lover”.

Music City News Awards
June, 1983

Description: Dottie and Charley Pride present award for “Male Vocalist of the Year” to Marty Robbins.

Solid Gold
July 5, 1983

Description: Dottie performs “High Times.”

The Fall Guy
November 23, 1983

Description: Dottie makes a brief appearance and performs “Overnight Sensation.”

Circus Of The Stars
December 18, 1983

Description: In a very brief appearance, Dottie served as a ringmaster and introduces the circus act to the audience.

Yesteryear In Nashville

Description:Dottie talks about many things to host Archie Campbell. From her humble beginnings, to the success that she has achieved throughout her life. Clips of Dottie performing throughout her career are shown.

Family Feud
March, 1984

Description: Dottie along with Minnie Pearl, Bill Anderson, Boxcar Willie and Porter Wagoner vs. soap stars Ruth Warrick, Perry Stephens, Jacklyn Zeman, Steve Fletcher and John Gabriel for the Opry Trust Fund.

Bobby Bare & Friends
March 20, 1984

Description: Dottie and daughter Shelly are guest on this show; talking about many subjects of their lives and careers. Dottie sings with just her guitar, a song she had wrote called “Can I Sing For You In Heaven?.” She and Shelly duet on “Together Again” and she closes the program with “Here Comes My Baby.”

Academy of Country Music Awards
May 14, 1984

Description: Dottie leads the way in tribute to Elvis Presley and talks briefly about him.

Music City News Awards
June 4, 1984

Description: Dottie is paired up once again with Charley Pride to present the “Male vocalist” award for the second year in a row.

Grand Ole Opry
June 9, 1984

Description: Dottie performs “It’s High Time” and “Here Comes My Baby.”

The Real Patsy Cline

Description: During this special Biography of Patsy Cline, Dottie speaks fondly of her dear friend throughout the documentary.

The Tommy Hunter Show

Description: Dottie performs “Let Love Come Lookin’ For You” and “Here Comes My Baby.”

Music City News Awards
March 6, 1985

Description: Dottie and daughter Shelly West present award for “Male Vocalist of the Year” to Lee Greenwood.

Austin City Limits
March 9, 1985

Description: Dottie performs “Love Cruise,” “A Lesson in Leavin’,” “Country Sunshine,” “We’ve Got Tonight,” “It’s High Time,” “Leavin’s For Unbelievers,” “Pick Me Up And Put Me Down,” “Are You Happy Baby” and “You Needed Me.”

People’s Choice Awards
March 12, 1985

Description: Dottie surprise Kenny Rogers onstage and presents him his award for “Favorite Country Music Performer.”

Grand Ole Opry
July 6, 1985

Description: Dottie performs “Country Sunshine” and “American Trilogy.”

Music City News Awards
June 9, 1986

Description:Dottie and Bobby Bare present the final honour of the night, “Entertainer Of The Year” award.

Church Street Station
July 26, 1986

Description: Dottie performs “Rocky Top,” “Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Woman,” “A Lesson In Leavin’,” “Here Comes My Baby,” “Leavin’s For Unbelievers,” “What Are We Doin’ In Love”, Patsy Medley: “Crazy”, “I Fall To Pieces” and “Sweet Dreams” and closes show with “American Trilogy.”

Grand Ole Opry
November 8, 1986

Description: Dottie sings “Here Comes My Baby” and “Your Cheatin Heart.”

Grand Ole Opry
February 28, 1987

Description: Dottie performs “Your Cheatin Heart” and “Are You Happy. Baby.”

This Is Your Life: Barbara Mandrell
April, 19 1987

Description: Dottie makes a cameo appearance in honour of her friend.

Nashville Now

Description: Dottie performs two songs, “Pick Me Up And Put Me Down,” and “Leavin’s For Unbelievers.” Dottie briefly talks bout her birthday and her “Judy Garland” jacket.

Nashville Now

Description: Dottie performs “Every Time Two Fools Collide” with Tony Toliver.

Grand Ole Opry-Live Backstage
September 10, 1988

Description: Dottie talks to the host about life on the road, songwriting, her friendship with Jim Reeves, among other things.

Grand Ole Opry
September 10, 1988

Description: Dottie performs “Here Comes My Baby” and “You Pick Me Up (And Put Me Down)” which she dedicates to the folks at the Texas Jamboree and to the audience.

Grand Ole Opry
October 15, 1988

Description: Dottie talks about Kenny Rogers and performs “Every Time Two Fools Collide” with Tony Toliver.

Crook and Chase Show

Description: Dottie and her daughter Shelly appear for an interview.

Nashville Now
January 20, 1989

Description: During a special episode filmed live on the “General Jackson Showboat” in Nashville. Dottie talks about singing in front of presidents. Dottie performs “Its High Time,” “Blue Fiddle Waltz” and “Every Time Two Fools Collide.”

Nashville Now
October 29, 1989

Description:Dottie is very bewitching in this special Halloween themed episode. Dottie performs “Hey Good Lookin”.


Nashville Now
January, 1991

Description: Dottie performs “You’re Cheatin Heart” and “Here Comes My Baby.” Plus there’s an interview.

Nashville Now
January 5, 1990

Description:Performing three songs: “Are You Happy Baby,” then teaming up with daughter Shelly on “Together Again” and then doing a duet with Tony Toliver on “All I Ever Need Is You.” Dottie is interviewed and also takes

Grand Ole Opry
February 23, 1991

Description: Dottie performs “Are You Happy Baby” and “Together Again”.

All Star Salute to Ralph Emery
March 7, 1990

Description: Dottie performs a rousing rendition of the famous song “Rocky Top.”

Nashville Now
March 27, 1990

Description: Dottie performs “Are You Happy Baby”, a duet with Tony Toliver on “Together Again” and “A Lesson In Leavin'”. Dottie does an interview and introduces Camille Harrison to sing on the show for the first time.

Country Standard Time
April, 9 1990

Description: Dottie host this episode showcasing performance clips of other country artists throughout the past an dgiving info about each artist.

Grand Ole Opry
June 16, 1990

Description:Dottie performs “All I Ever Need is You.”

Entertainment Tonight
July 19, 1990

Description: One of Dottie’s most emotional interviews she perhaps did, Dottie announces to the world she is broke during this “Entertainment Tonight” special.

Grand Ole Opry
August 4, 1990

Description: Dottie sings “Are You Happy Baby” and Tony Toliver joins her on the song “Together Again.”

Nashville Now
October 22, 1990

Description: Dottie performs “All I Ever Need Is You”, “Here Comes My Baby” and “A Lesson In Leavin’.” As well as an interview and taking part in the telephone questions segment; Steve Wariner and Larry Gatlin call in the show to speak with Dottie.

Grand Ole Opry
November 10, 1990

Description: Dottie and Tony Toliver perform “Sweet Memories.”

Crook and Chase
January, 1991

Description: Dottie is interviewed from her apartment in Nashville talking about recent troubles and the future. Although, it’s been said this is her last TV interview, it is not.

Church Street Station
January 25, 1991

Description: Dottie and daughter Shelly West headline this concert series.

Nashville Now
June 12, 1990

Description: Dottie does an interview and performs “It’s High Times”, “Blue Fiddle Waltz” and trio performance of “A Lesson In Leavin'” with the Lowe Sisters.

Entertainment Tonight
June 13, 1991

Description: With Dottie’s financial problems being the center of attention, she talks about her career and of how her finest songs have yet to be written or sang the best!

Nashville Now
July 11, 1991

Description: Dottie performs two incredible renditions of the classics “Release Me” and “I Can’t Help It (if I’m Still In Love With You).” Dottie’s granddaughter Mae West also accompanies her on the show.

Big Dreams & Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story
January 22, 1995

Description: Dottie’s incredible life and career is brought to the small screen in the biopic starring Michelle Lee as Dottie.