Dottie And Friends

Dottie with Bill Anderson
Dottie with Brenda Lee
“Dottie was one of the sweets of this industry, just one of the beautiful people that took in songwriters strays and anybody that needed a meal. Dottie was just precious. She was her own woman,” said Brenda.
Dottie with Charley Pride
Dottie with George Jones
“Dottie was a very special friend of mine, and she was always such a lady in my eyes, and I loved her voice. I know she lived a rough life and the cards she was dealt in this world was tough, but she made the best of it that she could, and she did a very good job of it,” said George.
Dottie with George Strait
Dottie with Jack Greene
“I thought very highly of Dottie and that country music lost her way to soon, she was very much a ground breaker for females in country. My fondest memory of her was singing the duet “Love Is No Excuse” with her on the Opry after Jim Reeves had been killed,” said Jack.
Dottie with John Schneider
“She was raised on country sunshine. She set the bar for talent, independence, professionalism, friendship and spunk for an entire generation of performers after her. She is copied by every platinum selling artist both male and female today weather they know it or not and she is missed, deeply by me,” said John.
Dottie with John Davidson
Dottie with Jonathan Cain
Dottie with Larry Butler
“Dottie West was much loved by all of the entertainers here at the Grand Ole Opry, and she had a great following and we’re certainly all miss her here at the Grand Ole Opry.” said Roy.
Dottie with Jeanne Seely and Marty Robbins
“Although I was privileged to be Dottie’s friend for many years, I’ve always still been a Dottie West fan. Once we met in person, that admiration only grew because I got to see what kind of person she was, how kind and how generous, and just plain fun. She was the kind of girl you want for a friend,” said Jeannie.
Dottie with Merle Haggard
The queen of Country meets the King of pop Michael Jackson
“I had my chance to congratulate Michael Jackson after the American Music Awards Show,” said Dottie.
The queen of Country with the king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis. Elvis posing with Dottie at the Gold Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, 1972.
Dottie with Patsy Cline
“I just wish that everybody could get to be good friends with and get to know their idol. Patsy was such a good singer. Music changes, but her records are timeless. Her songs are up to date even today,” said Dottie.
Dottie with Ray Charles
“She sings the blues like she wrote them herself. She can’t be beat,” said Ray.
Dottie with Steve Wariner
“Dottie was a remarkable lady, who always made you feel good about yourself. She taught me a lot about singing, entertaining and how you should never take your fans for granted. I’ll always remember her warmth and kindness,” said Steve.
Dottie with Tammy Wynette
“She paved the way for so many of us girls. She will be remembered for her beautiful, distinctive voice and her ability to get across what country music was about.” said Tammy.
Dottie with Barbara Mandrell
“Dottie was always so warm and friendly and a very caring person. She was interested in others and caring for others,” said Barbara.
Dottie with Bobby Goldsboro and Kenny O’Dell
Dottie with Bob Luman
Dottie with Buddy Killen
Dottie with Burt Reynolds and Mel Tillis
“She opened for me a few times at the Sands and Frontier casinos in Las Vegas. One night, unexpectantly, Burt Reynolds came into my dressing room at the Frontier, and I told him how nice it was to see him again. We talked and visited while Dottie was on stage. Then as Dottie came off stage, he took her by the hand and they left the building – didn’t even say goodbye. Guess he wasn’t there to see me,” said Mel.
Dottie with Chet Atkins
“You know people always say kind things after people die, but I’ve been saying kind things about her ever since I’ve known her, because she’s just one of the sweetest ladies who ever lived,” said Chet.
Dottie with Connie Smith
“Dottie was a people’s person, she loved people. The time I remember the most was Thanksgiving and it was just me and my two boys and Dottie found out; it was just gonna be the three of us at home on thanksgiving, so she invited us to have Thanksgiving with her family. She was a great cook. I loved her. We were really good friends. She was beautiful,” said Connie.
Dottie with Dick Clark
Dottie with Elizabeth Taylor
“I’m looking forward to meeting Elizabeth Taylor. Liz will wear the Diamonds, I will wear the Rhinestones,” said Dottie.
Dottie with George Burns
“OH GOD! It’s George Burns and me wishing we were 18 again in Chicago,” said Dottie.
Dottie with Glen Campbell
“Dottie was like a buddy and a dear friend. She was a marvelous person and a lot of fun,” said Glen.
Dottie with Grandpa Jones
Dottie with Grant Turner, Grand Ole Opry Announcer “I don’t know… there was just something about Dottie, when you talk about ‘being raised on country sunhine’, she had that sunshine in her life, in her bearing and I think that was one of the things why that song so fit her,” said Grant.
Dottie with Hank Snow
Dottie with actor, producer, and voice artist James Garner
Dottie with Jan Howard
“I thought Dottie was a terrific artist and writer.  And I was happy for her when “Here Comes My Baby” was a big hit and her career was off and running.  Sometimes with the roses comes thorns.  And we bleed a little.  She bled a lot in the latter years of her career,” said Jan.
Dottie with Jim Ed Brown and Mary Reeves Davis
Dottie with Jimmy Dean
“Dottie was awfully good. She sang with emotion, whether it was love or up-tempo. You could feel it,” said Jimmy.
Dottie with Jim Reeves
“Among the girl singers you have to recognize Dottie West. She has the timbre and phrasing to make it real big. I think we’ll see a lot of her,” said Jim.
Dottie with Johnny Cash
Dottie with Johnny Rodriguez
Dottie with Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes and Harry Chapin
Dottie with Dolly Parton and Larry Gatlin
“I loved Dottie. I always spent time with her backstage laughing and chatting. We were similar in the fact that we were both very country girls. We had a lot of laughs about a lot of our people and our childhood,” said Dolly.
Dottie with Larry Gatlin
“I think Dottie West is living proof of the American dream still exists. She came from very poor humble beginnings and wound up singing for people all over the world and living out her dream as a kid, to doing it and it still can be done,” said Larry
Dottie with Lionel Richie and Crystal Gayle
“I grew up with the Grand Ole Opry, Dottie West, Conway Twitty, Buck Owens… not realizing it was influencing me as much as it was,” said Lionel.
Dottie with Loretta Lynn
“It bothers me that’s she’s gone. It seems like a rose was pulled before…I don’t like to cut roses or cut flowers. I think they die before their time. And I think they oughta just die on their own. And I think Doittie was cut before she was supposed to,” said Loretta.
Dottie with Lorrie Morgan
“She was a big inspiration for me. We called her our living legend Barbie doll. She was just a fashion icon for all of us women in country music. Dottie had a very distinguished voice and you knew exactly when she started singing who it was: she was an icon,” said Lorrie.
Dottie with Roy Acuff
“Dottie West was much loved by all of the entertainers here at the Grand Ole Opry, and she had a great following and we’re certainly all miss her here at the Grand Ole Opry..She spread a lot of Country Sunshine,” said Roy.
Dottie with Roy Clark and Jimmy C. Newman
“I’d known Dottie forever. We worked together on several television specials. She was always such a sweetheart. The best thing about Dottie was that on top of being a star, she was always one of the guys, she just fit in! She was a big star, but never acted like it. She was a true friend to anyone who knew her,” said Roy.
Dottie with Roy Orbison and George Hamilton IV
“I never thought of Dottie West as a ‘honky-tonk’ singer or a ‘beer joint’ singer- she was more sophisticated. She had a marvellous voice. She was fresh and new and she was ‘Country Sunshine’ and she was a lady and that made a very favourable impression on me,” said George.
Dottie with Rudy Gatlin
Dottie with Sammy Davis Jr
Dottie with Skeeter Davis
Dottie with Tanya Tucker, Kenny, Ben Vereen, Barbi Benton and Marianne Gordon
Dottie with The Pointer Sisters
Dottie with Webb Pierce and Lefty Frizzell
Dottie with Willie Nelson and Red Steagall