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  • Welcome to Dottie West Archives, your online resource for anything and everything related to the legendary singer, songwriter, musician, actress, mentor and legend in her own time - Dottie West! Dottie's versatility and uniqueness is unrivalled in the country music world and her legacy lives on in the hearts of her fans.

    This site was established in 2021 by Paul Potter as an online archive of her illustrious career. As a computerized database, this is a project that will continue to evolve for a long time to come, ever growing and changing as more and more facts come to light.

    The site will be constantly updated, so if a link isn't working yet, check back.

    In the meantime, take a look around and immerse yourself in all of the information you'll ever need on Dottie! Make sure to bookmark the site and check back frequently!

    Enjoy, and remember. It's Dottie's world. You're just soaking in it!

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  • 04/09/2022: Today marks the anniversary of the passing of our beloved Dottie West, the music stopped that day and hopes of Dottie recording new music did as well but what music she left us with will live on and on forever and Dottie will never be forgotten. On a better note I'm pleased to tell you several galleries have been added to the "Television" section and a new photo album in the "Through The Lens" section, so go check it out. So much more content will be added here soon.

    24/02/2022: I'm pleased to alert you that there have been some updates being made to this site. As well as adding several new screen capture gallery pages to the "Television" section. Also a new photo album titled "Ron Oates' Photo Collection" in the "Through The Lens" section has been added. Thanks Ron for the photos and it was great talking with you on the phone. More updates to come!

    23/01/2022: Over Christmas, the New Year and this month, behind the scenes I have been busy on the site and as a result several new screen capture galleries of Dottie's TV appearances in the "Television" section have been added. Check them out and enjoy! More to follow.

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