Stories Behind the Songs

Is This Me

The song, “Is This Me,” presents the unbelievably heart-tearing picture of a woman who remains optimistic about the future of her relationship with her partner, who is seemingly cheating on her as he has an affair with another woman. Even after meeting eyes with the heart-shattering reality, the victim [the woman whom Dottie is trying to represent through the song] downplays it as nothing more than an illusion, and it does not appear to leave its mark on her trust towards him.

Here Comes My Baby

The song, “Here Comes My Baby,” is an attempt by Dottie to construct the fact that the emotional feelings towards a man become a near-impossible task for a woman when her love for him unquestionably reaches the highest standards. If a woman’s love is truly the represented feeling, she would not stop being more than willing to give her unfaithful husband a second chance, even after acknowledging the fact that he did not fulfil her expectations multiple times in the past.

Would You Hold It Against Me

The song named, “Would You Hold It Against Me,” speaks in a rough sketch of the guilt that inches into the mind of a married woman who had once dipped her heart with love for her ex-lover. After laying the path for the journey with her new husband, the woman feels the desire of meeting her ex-lover for the ultimate time so to effectively blot out the memories of her moments with her ex-flame and desperately pleads with her current husband to not misunderstand her actions.

Country Girl

Through the song, “Country Girl,” Dottie essentially targets to both stand and admire the simplicity of country life and pay deep respect to the natural surroundings and the lively nature she had grown up observing. She makes it definite that her dedication to the country way of life would remain with her all throughout her life.

Country Sunshine

The song entitled “Country Sunshine,” again, brings up a portrait of the fact that sincere feelings of emotional attachment to her native land are laid throughout the soul of Dottie. On a recurring basis, she makes a plea to her partner [whose passion is driven by the flashy urban lifestyle] to refrain from dissolving their mutual relationship because of her nature towards the country lifestyle.

That’s Where Our Love Must Be

The song, “That’s Where Our Love Must Be,” is an epitome of the unimaginable amount of sadness that cuts through the heart of a woman when the bond of love between herself and partner begins to give out. When wide irreparable cracks appear in a relationship, the state of the mutual love between two persons could be as dry and boring as the virtually lifeless picture of the countryside [during scorching summers and chilly winters], and it may not be the same again.

In Its Own Little Way

In the song, “In Its Own Little Way,” Dottie, in her individual style, creates the opportunity for us to get a guess of just how pure and pristine a woman’s love could be, even when her partner does not live with her and instead stays at a faraway place. When the affectionate feelings of a woman for her man goes beyond reproach, physical distance between the two cannot be obstruct her desire of uniting her heart with that of her man.

Didn’t I

The song entitled “Didn’t I,” lets the listeners get familiar with the points that could be raised by a woman in her self-defence just after her relationship with her partner had reached the end of its life. Using the song as a medium, Dottie perfectly points to the disheartening fact that a woman could be handed a rough deal even after she had tried every trick in the book to appeal to her man.

Mama Kiss The Hurt Away

The song “Mama Kiss The Hurt Away,” is built around the deep-penetrating relationship between a young girl and her mother. Dottie makes us believe that a typical mother-daughter relationship can be so close-natured that sometimes, something as simple as an ordinary yet loving kiss from the mother could work like magic and uproot almost any feelings of hurt.

Left Over Corner of My Heart

The song named “Left Over Corner of My Heart,” strives to lay emphasis on the fact that when the heart of a woman is overrun with unstained love for her beloved, she would not mind forgiving him for making love with another woman. The love of a woman whose mind and body are forever heavyweight with feelings for the man of her dreams would eternally remain intact and noticeable of bitter feelings, even if she gets abandoned by his second love.

You Took The Easy Way Out

The song entitled “You Took The Easy Way Out,” is an expression of the resentful and angry mind-set accepted by a woman when her lover simply leaves her in a spot to undo his mind from the natural sickness of their internal rift. A woman would not be the best pleased with her partner’s action when he leaves her high and dry and compels her to be red-faced in front of tough questions from friends regarding the gloomy and low-running state of their relationship.

Mommy Can I Still Call Him Daddy

The song entitled “Mommy Can I Still Call Him Daddy,” is a soul-stirring reflection of the commitment of a child towards his father, who lives isolated from his wife and son. The child’s emotional attachment to his father is so strong in nature that efforts of his mother to persuade him to leave behind the memories of his moments with his father fails to meet the desired outcome.

What’s Come Over My Baby

In the song entitled “What’s Come Over My Baby,” Dottie steps into the shoes of a woman who is impatient to riddle out the mystery behind the scariness of the love for her in the heart of her life partner. In the pursuit of the real story behind the breakdown in their relationship, Dottie points the finger of suspicion at the aged state of their relationship and also at the possibility of the recurrence of his former lady love in his life.

Loving on Borrowed Time

The song “Loving on Borrowed Time,” unravels the story of a woman who seems to be in a dilemma as a result of her contentious association with a man behind closed doors. The woman becomes horror-struck whenever she gets into the thoughts of the obscure day when they could be caught red-handed, but at the same time, there is no way for her to escape the relationship she has been into, as it is already past its critical phase.

With All My Heart and Soul

The song titled “With All My Heart and Soul,” is targeted to tell a captivating story of a nearly one-sided love story. Even though the lady revealed in the song has been repeatedly cheated out of the love she warrants for her dedication to her partner, she does not lose heart and instead starts to resolutely believe that her man’s hatred towards her would just do the acts of hardening her love for him.

How Many Lifetimes Will It Take

The song entitled “How Many Lifetimes Will It Take,” can be summarized as the essence of the proverbial saying, “Love has no age, no limit and no death.” The song provides us the platform to imagine the picture of a woman who has not left anything undone to let go of the old memories of her previous relationship, but all is in vain

Wear Away

The song called “Wear Away,” makes the audience propel their attention towards a woman who is feeling uneasy about any untoward circumstances that the future may have in store for their relationship. After meditating on the fact that everything in nature is meant to crumble in the end, the woman fears that there would a day when time itself could serve a final shot to their relationship.

Fair Weather Lover

The song known as “Fair Weather Lover,” offers us with a rough idea of how quickly the situation could swing from the inspiring to the absurd when a man continuously rejects his lady in times of storm and stress. The song shows that women have got the confidence to make their male partners face the music [by signing for a divorce or the like] if the latter do not stay with them through thick and thin.

No One

The song, “No One,” illustrates that a woman could rise above the ordinary when her love has no place for selfishness. The character that Dottie speaks for in the song is in a class by itself, for her lover’s dislike towards her hardly leaves any scars on her affectionate feelings for him.

I Can Turn You Every Way But Loose

The song entitled “I Can Turn You Every Way But Loose,” is based on a woman character whose life can come to a standstill without the company of her lover. This woman is immensely eager to make her lover dance to her tune, but cannot afford to remain distant from him under any circumstances.

Everything’s A Wreck (Since You’re Gone)

The song, “Everything’s A Wreck (Since You’re Gone),” stands on the fact that a man could indeed be the strong, lucky charm of a woman. In the song, Dottie skilfully brings into play a diverse set of examples, such as malfunctioning of devices and power outages, to make the point that life’s worthwhile pleasures could head for a downslide and luck could swiftly force its way out of a woman’s life when her favourite man leaves her company.

I’m Your Country Girl

In the song, “I’m Your Country Girl,” Dottie expresses free gratification at the fact that her lover had accepted her in his life with open arms. For her, there could be no better feeling in the world than that of her partner recognizing the unusual worth of the ordinary country lifestyle.

Wish I Didn’t Love You Anymore

The song entitled “Wish I Didn’t Love You Anymore,” describes a woman who is trying her best to loose her mind from the rough memories of her love journey. But, those memories have run so deep in her heart that her efforts of getting rid of them have proved to be of no reward.

Final Examination

The song “Final Examination,” foregrounds the fact that new life could be breathed into the lost love when both parties of a relationship are willing to introspect their actions. Considering all the highs and lows of the relationship would single out the flaws, thereby stimulating lovers into resolving them.

Cold Hand of Fate

In the song, “Cold Hand of Fate,” Dottie outlines the tale of a couple whose love story has been robbed of genuine success because of the roughness of destiny. Though fate has decided not to join sides with the couple in their journey and pushed their relationship to the edge a couple of times, the couple’s faith in the immortality of their relationship remains undeterred and unshaken.

Cancel Tomorrow

The song entitled “Cancel Tomorrow,” reminds us about the usual inflexible nature of a woman that is observable when the most important person of her life takes the path of a group of empty promises and obvious lies to calm her. In this case, the woman is shown to have ultimately given up on her man, who always plays with her emotive feelings and makes her wear rosy-eyed spectacles by assuring her of infinite love after the start of tomorrow.

Special Memory

The song titled “Special Memory,” concentrates on the life of a woman who dwells on the past to review the golden and unrepeatable memories of her previous sweet and charming relationship. She wordlessly expresses her deep regret at the fact that their romance could not end up standing the test of time.

Everybody Bring a Song

The song “Everybody Bring a Song” is associated with a moving homecoming story of Dottie. Here, it can be seen that Dottie is in eager anticipation of mending her fences with the town’s people for the mistakes of the past and she believes that a song could setback once and for all the bitter and disappointing moments of their relationship.

Love As Long As We Can

The song “Love As Long As We Can,” talks upon us the view of a woman who is infinitely possessive about her man. Open-minded about the daring truth that a new day could bring along with it sticky and challenging situations for their love life, the woman is intent on opting for a ‘better safe than sorry’ kind of approach and making the most of the today’s opportunity.

Love is Right

The song titled “Love is Right,” is a way of telling that love would remain flawless and cannot go wrong when it involves two best friends. Two people would lose their hearts to one another again and again if underived friendship is the bedrock of their relationship.

Makin’ Memories

The song known as “Makin’ Memories,” is a grim reminder of the fact that a man’s mistreatment with a woman in matters of love could instigate her to sink into depression and gradually develop hostility towards life. The woman whom Dottie characterizes in the song is so dejected that she has assumed well in advance that her future would be enduringly overflowing with despairs.

Suffer Time

The song entitled “Suffer Time,” highlights a woman whose relationship would become history on the following day. Fortunately, she has been handed with one last opportunity of getting physically close to her lover and she is determined to make it count, as today’s memory would serve her good for the remainder of her life.

Clinging to My Baby’s Hand

The song called “Clinging to My Baby’s Hand,” is connected with a woman with almost no intention of following the future of her relationship. One can get the feeling that the woman here is an upholder of the saying, “Who has Seen Tomorrow,” and she just wants to try the friendly company of her man to the full for today.