Dottie’s impact on the charts is demonstrated by the following list, showing a span of more than twenty years, something very few other artists can equal. Racking up fifteen Top Ten singles, and five Number Ones on the country chart, as well as scoring twenty-three charted albums. Below is a complete listing of all of Dottie West’s singles and albums chart peak positions on the Billboard U.S. Country, Adult Contemporary and Pop charts! Billboard is recognized world-wide as the Bible of all musical charts. Country top 10 hits are in yellow, while No. 1 singles are in yellow and underlined. Based on U.S. country albums chart performance, Billboard ranks Dottie #65 of 1997, and based on U.S. country singles chart performance, Billboard ranked Dottie at #65 again of 2012. As time permits, I will add additional information about Dottie’s other chart placings elsewhere on various other trade charts.

11/30/63Let Me Off At The Corner / I Wish I Wouldn’t Do That292RCA Victor 8225
3/28/64Love Is No Excuse / Look Who’s Talking721RCA Victor 8324
8/22/64Here Comes My Baby / (How Can I Face) These Heartaches Alone1015RCA Victor 8374
2/27/65Didn’t I? / In Its Own Little Way328RCA Victor 8467
5/22/65Gettin’ Married Made Us Strangers / It Just Take Practice3010RCA Victor 8525
8/21/65No Sign Of Living / Night Life325RCA Victor 8615
12/4/65Before The Ring On Your Finger Turns Green / Wear Away2214RCA Victor 8702
3/12/66Would You Hold It Against Me / You’re The Only World I Know521RCA Victor 8770
8/13/66Mommy, Can I Still Call Him Daddy? / Suffer Time –2410RCA Victor 8900
12/17/66What’s Come Over My Baby / How Many Lifetimes Will It Take1713RCA Victor 9011
3/18/67Paper Mansions / Someone’s Gotta Cry816RCA Victor 9118
8/26/67Like A Fool / Everything’s A Wreck (Since You’ve Gone)1314RCA Victor 9267
12/16/67Childhood Places / No One To Cry To2412RCA Victor 9377
4/27/68Country Girl / That’s Where Our Love Must Be1512RCA Victor 9497
9/7/68Reno / My Heart Has Changed Its Mind1912RCA Victor 9604
2/22/69Rings Of Gold / Final Examination217RCA Victor 9715
7/12/69Sweet Memories / How’s The World Treating You3210RCA Victor 0178
10/4/69Clinging To My Baby’s Hand / Don’t Say A Word476RCA Victor 0239
12/13/69There’s A Story (Goin’ Round) / Lock, Stock, And Teardrops713RCA Victor 0291
2/7/70I Heard Our Song / Makin’ Memories458RCA Victor 9792
7/18/70Til I Can’t Take It Anymore / I Love You Because4610RCA Victor 9867
8/1/70It’s Dawned On Me You’re Gone / Love’s Farewell3710RCA Victor 9872
10/31/70Forever Yours / The Cold Hand Of Fate2112RCA Victor 9911
1/30/71Slowly / Sweet Thang2911RCA Victor 9947
3/6/71Careless Hands / Only One Thing Left To Do488RCA Victor 9957
5/29/71Lonely Is / Cancel Tomorrow538RCA Victor 9982
9/11/71Six Weeks Every Summer / Wish I Didn’t Love You Anymore518RCA Victor 1012
6/3/72I’m Only A Woman / Baby I Tried529RCA Victor 07114
12/2/72If It’s All Right With You / Special Memory2811RCA Victor 0828
4/28/73Just What I’ve Been Lookin’ For / Everything’s A Wreck (Since You’ve Gone)449RCA Victor 0930
9/15/73Country Sunshine / Wish I Didn’t Love You215RCA Victor 0072
3/30/74Last Time I Saw Him / Everybody Bring A Song814RCA Victor 0231
7/13/74House Of Love/ Love As Long As We Can2113RCA Victor 0321
12/14/74Lay Back Lover / Good Lovin’ You3510RCA Victor 50014
5/10/75Rollin’ In Your Sweet Sunshine / Carolina Cousins6510RCA Victor 10269
3/27/76Here Comes The Flowers / He’s Not For You687RCA Victor 10553
6/26/76I’m A Fool For Lovin’ You / Home Made Love915RCA Victor 10699
11/13/76When It’s Just You And Me / We Love Each Other1915United Artists 898
3/19/77Every Word I Wrote / We Love Each Other2812United Artists 945
7/9/77Tonight You Belong To Me / Tiny Fingers3010United Artists 1010
10/8/77That’s All I Wanted To Know / Who’s Gonna Love Me Now578United Artists 1084
2/18/78Every Time Two Fools Collide / We Love Each Other117United Artists 1137
6/10/78Come See Me And Come Lonely / Decorate Your Conscience1712United Artists 1209
9/2/78Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight / You And Me214United Artists 1234
12/2/78Reachin’ Out To Hold You / My Two Empty Arms499United Artists 1257
2/17/79All I Ever Need Is You / (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song115United Artists 1276
7/7/79‘Til I Can Make It On My Own / Midnight Flyer315United Artists 1299
10/20/79You Pick Me Up (And Put Me Down) / We’ve Got Tonight1215United Artists 1324
2/9/80A Lesson In Leaving/ Love’s So Easy For Two115United Artists 1339
6/7/80Leavin’s For Unbelievers / Blue As I Want To1314United Artists 1352
12/13/80Are You Happy Baby? / Right Or Wrong116Liberty 1392
4/4/81What Are We Doin’ In Love / Choosin’ Means Losin’115Liberty 1404
7/11/81(I’m Gonna) Put You Back On The Rack / Sorry Seems To Be The Hardes Word1614Liberty 1419
9/19/81Once You Were Mine / Dream Baby804RCA 12284
11/7/81It’s High Time / Don’t Be Kind1614Liberty 1436
2/20/82You’re Not Easy To Forget / Something’s Missing2613Liberty 1451
9/11/82She Can’t Get My Love Off The Bed / Hurt2911Liberty 1479
12/18/82If It Takes All Night / Try To Win A Friend637Liberty 1490
6/18/83Tulsa Ballroom / The Woman In Love With You4011Liberty 1500
3/24/84Together Again / Baby I’m, I Want You1915Liberty 1516
9/15/84What’s Good For The Goose / Tell Me Again777Permian 82006
12/1/84Let Love Come Lookin’ For You / Blue Fiddle Waltz678Permian 82007
5/25/85We Know Better Now / Let Love Come Lookin’538Permian 82010

1/20/73If It’s All Right With You / Special Memory973RCA Victor 0828
9/29/73Country Sunshine / Wish I Didn’t Love You4911RCA Victor 0072
3/8/80A Lesson In Leaving / Love’s So Easy For Two735United Artists 1339
3/28/81What Are We Doin’ In Love / Choosin’ Means Losin’1420Liberty 1404

10/13/73Country Sunshine / Wish I Didn’t Love You375RCA Victor 0072
4/8/78Every Time Two Fools Collide / We Love Each Other446United Artists 1137
4/14/79All I Ever Need Is You / (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song388United Artists 1276
1/19/80You Pick Me Up (And Put Me Down) / We’ve Got Tonight501United Artists 1324
2/23/80A Lesson In Leaving / Love’s So Easy For Two424United Artists 1339
4/11/81What Are We Doin’ In Love / Choosin’ Means Losin’720Liberty 1404

7/3/65Here Comes My Baby1212RCA Victor 3368
1/22/66Dottie West Sings1219RCA Victor 3490
7/30/66Suffer Time348RCA Victor 3587
2/4/67With All My Heart And Soul817RCA Victor 3693
12/9/67I’ll Help You Forget Her1118RCA Victor 3932
4/6/68What I’m Cut Out To Be1211RCA Victor 3932
9/7/68Country Girl188RCA Victor 4004
2/15/69Feminine Fancy393RCA Victor 4095
5/10/69Dottie & Don2112RCA Victor 4131
10/31/70Forever Yours404RCA Victor 4433
1/2/71Country Boy & Country Girl423RCA Victor 4434
6/9/73If It’s All Right With You/ Just What I’ve Been Lookin’ For374RCA Victor 0151
12/15/73Country Sunshine1714RCA Victor 0344
6/14/75Carolina Cousins452RCA Victor 1041
7/30/77When It’s Just You And Me443United Artists 740
4/16/78Every Time Two Fools Collide156United Artists 864
9/2/78Dottie473United Artists 860
4/21/79Classics347United Artists 946
12/22/79Special Delivery1330United Artists 1000
3/14/81Wild West532Liberty 1062
9/19/81Once You Were Mine503RCA Victor 4117
12/19/81High Times4312Liberty 51114
8/6/83New Horizons653Liberty 51145

4/14/79Classics8223United Artists 946
#1/5/80Every Time Two Fools Collide1863United Artists 864
4/11/81Wild West1255Liberty 1062

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